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9 proposed amendments passed!

By on Apr 29, 2019 in News |

Dear Fellow Unit Owner;

We are pleased to inform you that all the 9 proposed amendments passed! In fact, the membership’s participation to the voting process was amazing: 149 owners out of 172 voted (86%) Each proposed amendment sparked a lively debate amongst owners and we did our best to address all questions and concerns. It is a good thing that democracy worked at best, as everyone exercised their right to play a role in the life of the Association utilizing their free will and beliefs.  As you are aware, the minimum percentage needed per SDV declaration for each amendment to pass was 51% of affirmative votes, however the amendments majority received a much higher percentage as follows:

65.60% #1
51.74% #2
54.00% #3
58.70% #4
60.40% #5
63.90% #6
59.30% #7
74.41% #8
60.46% #9

Clearly if we added the votes of the 23 unit owners who did not vote (which by default are counted as affirmative votes) the percentages would get even higher. Here enclosed please find a copy of the recorded amendments which are effective as of April 11, 2019 and must be kept and safe guarded together with your original governing documents book. Additionally, some of the R&R booklet pages are being amended following the new amendments language and some section of the Purchase/Lease application as well. They will be uploaded shortly onto the San de Vance web site. In regards to rentals, a specific letter will be sent to all owners who are renting; due to amendment #2 criteria, the Association must now keep a very accurate list of units currently rented, tenants info and leases expiration.

Finally, regardless of the vote casted, we would like to thank all unit owners for validating this process with their input and co-operation.


Your SDV Board of Directors