Golf & Tennis Club Condominium Association


1) What is included in the monthly HOA fee, how much is it and is it the same for all unit types?

A: Cable, Internet, Water, Sewer, Garbage, Pool, Tennis Court, Clubhouse, Gym, Master Insurance, Roof, Ground Maintenance. As of 1/1/2024, the HOA monthly fee is $550 a month for all unit types.

2) Q: Who is San De Vance Cable/Internet Company?

A: Breezeline (
(Cable & Internet) Info sheet for Residents (PDF)

3) Q: What are my voting rights in the Condominium Association?

A: Each condominium unit is entitled to one vote in the affairs of the Condominium.

4) Q: What restrictions exist in the condominium documents on my right us use the unit?

A: Domestic pets are permitted on the premises with the following limitations:

  1. Only one dog may be kept (Owners ONLY – Renters may not have a dog on premises)
  2. No pet may exceed twenty-five (25) pounds when fully grown; and,
  3. The dog or cat must not be a nuisance as determined by the Board of Directors of the Association

5) Q: What restrictions exist in the condominium documents on my leasing of my unit?

A: Leasing and rental of all units is subject to review and approval by the Association before occupancy by any renter and/or individual. No rooms may be rented and no transient or vacation rentals are allowed. Units can only be leased to one single family nucleus per unit, no roommates. In addition to requiring the Association’s prior approval of all lessees, the new Amendments to Declaration Chapter 12 passed April 2019 (#1,4,9) regulate all rentals as follows: 1) A unit owner may not lease a unit during the first twenty four (24) month of ownership; 2) No lease shall be made for less than six consecutive months; 3) An owner may lease the same unit only twice during a twelve (12) month period. 4) Check rental application for individual Fico scores, household income and criminal requirements. 5) Some units are bound by a rental cap of 15% (amendment #2) check with Unit Owner for status.

6) Q: Do I have to be a member in any other Association?

A: No

7) Q: Am I required to pay rent or a land use fee for recreational or other commonly used facilities?

A: No