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Summer 2018 Newsletter

By on May 17, 2018 in News, Newsletter |

The Association has adopted a new Bank & Payable system for the monthly maintenance fee:

This new system will be in effect as of 7/1/2018 (see enclosed coupons, auto debit form and Bank letter). Please carefully read it and follow instructions from JULY PAYMENT forward.

Carport Awnings Update: All damaged and/or missing awnings and frames will be installed by the end of July 2018 or earlier and the rest of the awnings will be replaced starting November 1st 2018.

New Buildings and Common Areas’ Pest Control Service: Effective July 1, 2018 a new Pest Control company will service the community (see enclosed information)

Update on the Cable and Internet Service Provider: The Association obtained a three months extension of the Comcast contract to continue after May 31st, 2018 and it is expected that Atlantic Broadband will start their service in our community by September 2018. You may see some of their cable installation equipment on our property in preparation for new cable/internet service. The Association will send further information and details when an exact start date is known.

Landscaping improvements and beautification: During the month of May and June 2018 the Association will perform landscaping beautification and improvement of some areas of the community. The annual Tree Trimming will also be performed by end of June 2018.

Newly Updated Web Site ( : We invite you to navigate our updated web site frequently for any information, rules, regulations, applications, document and forms on San de Vance you may need. Please consult it before calling the Management Company.

Enforcement of Association’s rules and regulations as of 7/5/2018: Effective July 5th, 2018 the Association is pledging to start strictly enforcing existing rules and regulations in the community. Warnings notices and violation letters will be sent to any resident not following the rules and fines may apply. Such violations may involve several matters like occupancy, dogs registration and rules, personal items left on the common areas (including bicycles) unsightly patios, broken or damaged doors and windows, damaged patio screens, etc.etc. Also, since Hurricane season is approaching, we remind you that you cannot use wood or other material to board windows and/or patios. Only properly installed accordion shutters are allowed; please make arrangements in advance according to this requirement.

Parking Lot Violations: the Parking Enforcement Company has been instructed to tow vehicles upon the second violation effective June 1st, 2018. Also any car parked in a handicap parking without a handicap tag will be towed. Please also note that a guest permit is good only for thirty days; no exceptions will be made.

Word Orders / Roof and Gutter problems: All work orders related to roof – gutters and/or other common areas problems must be sent to the Management company in writing ONLY (e-mail or letter) with details and at least one picture.